So You want to build a home gym.

I know what you are thinking, new year new you I’m going to hit those fitness goals this year for sure. Don’t get me wrong being a part of CF3P is awesome but if your going to win the All The Gains Challenge you might need to put in some work at home.

Don’t let the fact that your garage is only 400 square feet or so deter you. The typical garage is perfectly sized for an elite strength and conditioning program servicing a family or individual and friends. In truth, some of our friends have built their gyms in less than 200 square feet!

It needs to be explained that your home gym doesn’t aspire to be as good or complete as a commercial facility; your gym has the potential to be much, much, better. State-of-the-art strength and conditioning technology, like CrossFit, is more readily facilitated in a well-appointed garage than in a Gold’s Gym, World’s Gym, Family Fitness Center, 24-Hour Nautilus, or Balley’s. These chains and gyms like them cannot support elite professional programming; you can.

But, I’m Broke! If your budget is seriously limited here are some ideas:

  1. Start with an Olympic bar and some rubber composition plates and a pull-up bar. That’s enough to get started. You can find retailers in your area with what you need so that you can avoid shipping costs. They’re substantial!
  2. Make what you can. If you’ve the skill or know someone with the talents much of our equipment can be fabricated for less.
  3. Shop around. Buy used. Gym equipment goes for pennies on the dollar at garage sales and in the classifieds section of your local paper. Make a habit of checking in with used sporting good stores, the classifieds, and the internet for used equipment.
  4. You can mat your garage one mat at a time.
  5. Allocate a monthly budget for the project and be patient.
  6. Ultimately, be resourceful. If you want a gym nothing can stop you.

The satisfaction derived from building your own gym and sharing it with your friends is sure to surprise you. Those that have gone this route find that with each modification or additional piece of equipment their enjoyment and pride increase.

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