How CF3P Prepped Jenn Biggs for Beach Brawl

The weekend has come and gone and all CF3P athletes are proud of all of their hard work at this years 2016 Beach Brawl.

Each year our members are put through extensive training and pretty intense WOD’s to prepare them for all competitions. During the open……. We train like the athletes in the open, during beach brawl we hit a Taco Tuesday every week to train for beach brawl. It is no secret that Joey and Sandy Paladino have created a program to get each one of their athletes from where they are now (no matter the level) to exactly where they want to be.

Beach Brawl this year was no exception!

Check out what Jennifer Biggs has to say about how CF3P Prepped her for Beach Brawl 2016!











I joined CF3P in April 2015. Before, I had been a runner and did some Machine weights in a gym, some free weights. I wanted a change and needed motivation. It is a continuous work in progress, from me working with just a PVC pipe getting the movements and mobility, to just competing in my first competition a year and half later in the Beach Brawl. And competed at age 40!! CF3P has the best coaches that have instructed me with progressions, movements and lifts to ensure my improvement is injury free.They have given me more confidence in my ability and strengths to continue with my progress. Along with the coaches Coach Michelle and Coach Karen during my morning classes and other members competing and encouraging me along the way, I have accomplished more physical feats in my 40s than I did in my 20s and 30s. The weekly intensity of the programming and days like Taco Tuesday being extra spicy and challenging prepared me for the long day of competition of the Beach Brawl – multiple movements and To keep pushing when I was tired and not give up! Thank you CF3P for this life changing fitness, giving me the coaching to continue to progress and changing the way I age!

-Jenn Biggs